About the Binkees...

Hi, there!  My name is Toño--I'm a dad, teacher and musician.  After having kids I started to notice that they love the same freedom, excitement and movement of music that I always have.   I also noticed that the world of 'kids music' tended to be short on the kind of high-energy sounds, exuberance and almost-unhinged laughter of our nightly sing-alongs.  I decided to do something about it, and the Binkees were born!

This is real rock music for real kids--kids who jump, shake, shout, fuss, dance, sing, complain, pick at their vegetables, gobble pizza, and giggle uncontrollably.

Our music blends newly-arranged traditional songs alongside entirely new compositions, full of raw energy and (safely!) irreverent fun. Play it loud and jump up and down!

Our first album was released in early 2017, and we've been thrilled to be featured on radio shows around the country.  

The Binkees are hard at work on a follow-up album, and have developed a live show that will be coming to public libraries, parks and other kids' hangouts soon!

Who needs TV when we can rock instead?

Who needs TV when we can rock instead?